What can you do at Finalgradecalculator?

Do you want to know your final grade? We can predict it for you. You just have to follow 5 simple steps, and you will see your results. If you have still the last assignment to go, then you can predict the grade you must have to get to your desired grade. Now, let’s see how it works step by step.
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Step 1. Select your Current Grade

Your current grade is the average of all your grades so far. It can be a single test or a group of exams that you presented during the whole period. You have the choice to enter a numeric value in the percentage format, or a letter. Some school systems grade differently, so that is very useful to make this a universal tool.

Step 2. Select your required grade

Then, chose the grade you wish to obtain (or need by requirement). Just as you did with your current grade, you can choose a numeric value or a letter. You must select the one that fulfills your requirements.

Step 3. Enter your final exam weight

The last information you must know is how much is the final test weighting for your overall class grade. This information is usually informed to you at the beginning of the course. In some other schools, it can be written in the School regulations document. If you have any doubts, you can always ask your teacher or the school’s academic office. They should know this information.

Step 4. Click on the “Calculate” button

Then you are all set. Just click the “Calculate” button. If something is not right after you hit the button, you will notice because the result could have some weird information (like infinity). If you selected all the information on the previous fields, it should work fine.

Step 5. View your results

The result is displayed in the bottom areas. Again like in previous fields, you are given the results in a percentage and letter form. Watch out for the result as you need to know how to read it. If you get any number above 100 on the percentage field, it means it is impossible that you get the grade you are asking for. The top grade you can get is 100, and anything above that would be just extra points. However, unless your school allows it, it is not possible.